About Us
We are one of Sri Lanka's leading integrated solutions providers for Building Systems infrastructure and ICT infrastructure.
FENTONS is an imaginative and innovative total integrated solutions provider. Our goal is to be the winning team that adds value to life through technology-enabled solutions.
FENTONS Limited is one of Sri Lanka's leading integrated solutions providers for Building Systems infrastructure and ICT infrastructure. The company is a SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR in the category of "Specialist Contractor" under the EM-1 categorization by the Institute of Construction Training and Development in Sri Lanka.

At Fentons, we:

  • Understand the value of engineering innovation and quality.
  • Provide a broad spectrum of services in the electrical, electronic, telecommunication and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) engineering sphere, from system design to installation and commissioning.
  • Give our customers additional "peace of mind" by undertaking Service Level Agreements (SLA) that provide long term maintenance and support for all the services installed and commissioned by us.

FENTONS became a part of the World of Hayley’s in March 2016. The Hayleys Group is ranked as the No. 1 company in Sri Lanka on the LMD 100 Awards, 2015. Commencing commercial operations in 1878 as Chas. P. Hayley and Company, we were incorporated as Hayleys Limited over 61 years ago. Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, we’ve added value for people and businesses across the country and beyond. It is this spirit that has characterized our growth and the building of a strong and successful enterprise that is active in local and global markets. In addition to Sri Lanka, Hayleys today has manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Thailand, and marketing operations in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

Hayleys operates in manufacturing, agriculture, plantations and tea exports, transportation and logistics, consumer products, industrial inputs, leisure and aviation, investments, BPO and services. Hayleys accounts for 2.36% of Sri Lanka’s export income and has been ranked as Sri Lanka’s Best Corporate Citizen on multiple occasions. (www.hayleys.com)

FENTONS has built its service reputation on expertise and responsiveness that is rapidly expanding our satisfied customer list. Our forte has been accountability and value engineering, where almost every customer has been a repeat customer.

Today, FENTONS caters to over 6,000 customers in industries covering the following verticals:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Government sectors

We have made vital contributions to the many condominium multi-story buildings on the Colombo skyline by providing total Electrical solutions, often designed by our in-house engineering teams.

With the development and advancement of technology, traditional ELV services are now crossing the space into the IP domain. FENTONS, with its dynamic team of engineers and certified technical experts continues to offer cutting edge solutions together with its principals and partners from around the world.

90 years of stability, business acumen and trust enable the FENTONS Team to offer its customers a unique “peace of mind” that few can match.
Fentons Ltd | Voice & Data Solutions

Regardless of the project's magnitude or complexity, the FENTONS team has the experience and professionalism to simplify the equation and deliver the customers requirement in a timely and cost efficient manner.

To the consultant and customer, the unique advantage of working with FENTONS is our ability to offer the complete end-to-end solution for building systems infrastructure in all the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumping [MEP] disciplines.

A strong commitment to engineering standards, customer support and an industry leading service level has been the cornerstone of our business mantra for over ninety years.

We maintain these principles and our values with over 400 qualified, skilled and passionate people.

The operations of the Company are carried out through Specialized Engineering Units (SEU) and subsidiary companies, all handling a strategic portfolio of products and services:

  • Full MEP contract engineering including CSD and Project management
  • Electrical Contracting and Engineering services
  • Telecommunications engineering (voice, data and wireless)
  • Electronic Security and Surveillance
  • Fire Systems (Detection, Protection, Suppression)
  • 24 hour Security Alarm Monitoring Services (ALARMNET)
  • Structured Cabling systems (Voice, Data, Video)
  • Specialized Private Network Communications Infrastructure
  • UPS Systems and mission critical energy management
  • Small Hydro-electric Power Plant design, supply and turnkey services
  • Lighting Systems Lightning protection and Surge protection