Our People

We are a winning team that adds value to life through technology-enabled solutions!

The FENTONS team is recognized throughout the industry for their experience and knowledge.

We proudly wear our tag line "Technology You Can Trust". At FENTONS, each employee takes pride in our superior technology delivery and the inherent ability to use that technology to serve our Customers optimally, along with a strong commitment to ethical business practices.

Enduring partnerships with our partners and suppliers spanning over three decades have ensured that our engineers and technically skilled staff are continuously trained and certified with to manage the latest technical trends.

Our recruitment and retention policy, spearheaded by our Human ResourcesDevelopement team, ensures that we strive to attract and retain the best young people suited to our particular business.

Our approach and commitment to continuous training ensures that our technical staff receives both theoretical and practical experience with the equipment they install and maintain.

The values that govern our team are;

  • Innovativeness - We possess an innate curiosity and willingness to experiment creating new solutions daily.
  • Energy - We have an overriding commitment to run the extra mile to be the winning team.
  • Empathy - We live like a family with respect and support to enable open communication and career progression.
  • Accountability- We keep our promises and get things done; creating trust with everyone we’re dealing with.
The exceptional mix of experience, training, qualifications, and values are embedded in our Team, as evidenced by an average service period of over 10 years for our employees. This fact is apparent in the number of trainee and apprentice technicians that compete to be at FENTONS for the formative years of their careers.

Team Statements:

I am proud to work at FENTONS because we contribute towards a positive impact on economic development. FENTONS cares about its people and is committed to the success of its employees as well.
–Nawoda Perera, Asst. Accountant [FIN]

Each day at FENTONS has proven to be a learning opportunity. My job here has groomed me both personally and professionally. It has made me realize the potential I have, to develop my career as an electrical engineer and provided me the opportunities to do so. I am empowered to perform at my best and deliver excellent service every day. I thoroughly enjoy working with my team members in such a collaborative atmosphere.
-Rohitha Abeysekara - PROJECT ENGINEER [Electrical & Networking]

Having joined FENTONS Ltd in 1994 as an Account Clerk, my service with the Company is over 20 years. During this period, I have gained in-depth knowledge about the business.

FENTONS is a place where one is able to develop one's skills and career objectives with the guidance of the management. I can confirm this as now I am in the position of an Assistant Manager handling procurement for the company. I believe that if a person is dedicated & committed to the role given, he or she can reach the pinnacle in a chosen field, here at FENTONS.

Different people have different answers as to why they would continue to work at the same company. Some say "it is my second home" or "I am comfortable here".

I have journeyed over 5 years at FENTONS, where I have considerable challenges to face, but the degree of freedom and empowerment given to me encourages me move forward. The organization culture and accessibility of senior management are some of the key factors which I find rewarding and attribute to my success here. As far as my personal and professional development is concerned, FENTONS has helped me to become who I am today."
-Gayani Perera - SENIOR EXECUTIVE [Human Resources]

"The most inspiring thing which I have experienced at FENTONS is room for my thoughts and my innovations. Management is always willing to hear from us and we have bottom to top management approach, which always motivates me every day."
-Vikum Gayanath Muthugala - PROJECT ENGINEER [Fire Projects]

FENTONS is one of the great places of learning, good conduct and business ethics. Reading makes a man perfect; in my opinion a good company also makes a man perfect. I am glad to be in this good company!
-Yoosoof M. Ihthisham, Manager- Pre-Sales [ICT]